Latter Day Expo: Celebrating Family, Friends and Faith

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Each year hundreds of Latter-day Saint artists, authors, performers, creators, publishers, vendors, retailers, distributors, film makers, speakers, promoters, celebrities and other professionals (from all over) who promote goods or services that are designed to strengthen families and draw individuals to Christ, gather together for an annual Industry Convention in Sandy Utah in August.

THIS YEAR for the first time ever, we are extending it one day and OPENING that day up to the PUBLIC !  

There will be a stage featuring all your favorite performers, an area with your favorite authors signing their books, cooking demonstrations, actors and other celebrities circulating and autographing, as well many booths where products can be purchased. Many famous Latter-day Saints will be in attendance - it will be a literal who's who - the place to be. 
It will be a FUN, FUN, FUN Day - designed to make you smile.

This is unlike anything any of us have ever seen before in our market, in that although it will take place in Utah, it will affect members of the church from far and wide - those who live in Utah, those who may be visiting Utah during the event, those who hear about it from friends and family, and those who support their friendly local LDS retailers who "bring it home" - wherever they are. Literally, a Latter-day Saint Cultural Marketplace - a LATTER-DAY EXPO! 

The goals behind the whole event are tri-fold:
1. to raise awareness of the industry and all that is offered to people of faith through it
2. to create buzz about the up and coming exciting NEW products that will hit our market before Christmas
3. to strengthen the industry and every individual member in it, thereby strengthening us ALL
and have FUN doing it! 

This event is sponsored by the LDSBA - (LDS Booksellers Association), with

The beneficiaries will be all people of faith who are seeking resources to help them strengthen their families in these last days - particularly those who share LDS values.